Awaken Your Green Consciousness

Africa SunsetWho still thinks about saving for the environment? So 10 years ago!

About 10 years ago, or well, almost 10 years ago (it was 9), the issue of ‘saving the earth’ was on everyone’s minds and lips thanks to the very gripping documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ Everyone was so freaked about Global Warming. We realized how real this issue was and how badly we need to do something about it. We understood that this topic was extremely important not only for us, but for the generations to come.  Maybe that’s where the huge problem came in, the thought that climate change and global warming mainly concerns the future generations. When we hear ‘future generations’ we somehow park the thought for later because well, it doesn’t affect us, not right now at least. And since it’s mainly for future generations, ‘will I ever truly be affected?’

Caring for the environment and changing our bad habits which are detrimental to the environment is no longer something most people feel obliged to do. It’s like when your dentist says “floss your teeth” (like who even does that?), or when an elder tells you to “eat your vegetables” (pssht), you usually just shrug these kind of instructions/suggestions off, and sadly most people do this when it comes to concerns about the environment as well.

Working towards saving the environment and actively caring for it is something I would love every person on this planet to hold dear to them. I myself definitely have an appreciation for our Mother Earth. It’s our home, it’s where we live, it should be normal to care about that, right? Coming from Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and having the privilege to admire our exquisite nature, having a passion about and caring for it is something I would think should come naturally to us all. We are blessed with being the most bio-diverse region in Africa, it is up to us to respect and care for our beautiful nature and wonderful environment.

But instead we are pumping so many gases into the air, we are destroying so many habitats and in the process destroying our wild-life. Our forests are shrinking in size or just completely vanishing through deforestation. Forests which should be the most valued thing here on earth as it gives us oxygen, the very thing we need to breathe, and be alive are being cut down! We are literally busy killing our source of life so that we can have some paper and whatever else wood provides us with, but you can’t inhale paper or wood now can ya?

Our planet is going through the most, and by that I mean the environment is being put through a strain mainly as consequences of actions by the human species. Our trees are disappearing, our animals, insects, plants and flowers are going extinct. Our water availability is becoming a crucial matter. All these things affect our Eco-system and may in turn affect our food availability and security, because after all, our food comes from farms which rely on nature and the environment to produce it.

Using a few examples of what ill-treatment of the environment will cause, I am trying to say that the earth is slowly dying and we are the murders, we are accountable for this climate change and environment concerns, every living person on this planet, it really is all our fault. It’s all the things that what we have done in the centuries living here which has resulted in the huge crisis of climate change. We therefore need to step up and correct what we’ve been destroying. Environmental issues effects everyone, it’s not something that exists far away ‘out there’, it’s close to home for all of us- this planet IS our home.

We as a species had so many ways to destroy the environment, surely we have even more to save it, if we don’t, the effects will be tremendous, one critical example is not being able to have clean drinking water which currently is a huge problem here in Cape Town, but it truly dates back to a couple of years ago. The warming temperatures and water wastage has destabilized our water cycle.

I hope this short piece has inclined all readers to think about the environment and how our daily activities effects the environment and how we can use this knowledge to then create a positive effect rather than a negative one.



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