Awareness about the environment is something which has gradually faded away since the years since the huge global warming and climate change freak out has passed .Here I hope to bring focus to the environment again through interesting and entertaining information and education which will hopefully encourage all readers to contribute to saving and protecting our environment in any way possible. Enviromentalist is about all things concerning our precious environment. My blog is here to bring people back to our environmental crisis . While climate change is a very global issue, my blog is central to South Africa, Cape Town.

About Author:

I am a 19 year old student trying to get a degree and this blog is one step towards that.

My passion for nature runs so deep that I probably got green blood running through my veins. There would be no other topics I’d rather write about. Growing up, protecting and looking after the environment, specifically nature was an important part of my life because my mother and grandmother are garden and plant enthusiasts. Growing vegetables and looking after the plants and flowers in our home garden was always a fun activity. I would say that I realised the importance of nature at a young age as I was always in close touch with it. My appreciation for nature led to my passion for environmental matters. At home as well as at school recycling was a regular activity we did for the environment as well as occasional tree planting. As I grew up my love and care for nature hadn’t faded.

Being such an environmentalist I am greatly blessed to be from one of the world’s most beautiful cities – Cape Town.

Here is a slide show of a few pictures of myself in cape Towns exquisite nature.

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